How I will help you

At this difficult time, you will experience a whole lot of emotion.

Or none at all.

Both are normal reactions. Everyone experiences loss, bereavement and grief differently.

No one's grief is the same as another's.

You might be reading this page because someone you love has died and nothing makes sense anymore.

You might be reading this page because you had a pet that has died.

You might be reading this page because your bereavement was a while ago now, and still nothing makes sense and you're hurting.

You might be reading this as you are going through a friendship or a relationship ending.

Maybe you have lost your job, or been made redundant?

Any of these situations will mean that there is a loss that you will no doubt be grieving over in your own way.

I can support you by gently listening to you, and helping you navigate this strange and new chapter of your life.

Sometimes, there are no words. Just having someone to listen to you or sit with you... is enough.

When you feel ready, you choose to share as little, or as much, as you want to about what has happened in your life.

The choice is yours. I am here to help you when you are ready.

To book an appointment, please call or message me.

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