View from my Window – June

The view from my window today isn't the same as the picture ,unfortunately-I don't live near anywhere as beautiful!

I wanted to write a bit about the upcoming Summer, seeing as it's June and that's when our thoughts turn to thinking about gong on holiday, if we are able to.

My favourite memories of summer was when , as a young child, our family used to travel by train to Devon for a week's holiday, every year, always in August, always the first week of August too.

It was so exciting getting up at 5am, when the black cab arrived to take me, my brother, and my Mum and Dad to Paddington Station, where we would get the early train to Devon.

We were so excited to get on the train and find our seats, which had tickets on, plus we had a table in front of us as well, and we were allowed to have a treat from the refreshment car.

The guest house that we stayed in was always the same one, with a really friendly guest house lady who did everything from cleaning the rooms to cooking the most amazing and yummy dinners at night!

The sun would be shining and we would play all day on the beach.

If it rained, which it often did, it was fun to go on bus rides to nearby seaside towns and see what was there.

Remembering fun holidays and family times is something that I often do at this time of year.

It's important though to remember as well that we were very fortunate to be able to have a yearly holiday.

Summer is not always about vacation, staycations are fun too.

Even if you're not able to go on holiday, just being outside in the fine weather can lift your spirits, even if it's only for a short time.

Summer is a special season where there are many opportunities to enjoy nature, sunshine and the company of others.

Try spending some time outdoors if you are able to, it can make a huge difference to how you are feeling!





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