View from my Window – April

So here we are -in the changeable month of April 2024

It's been a mixed bag so far this month, some days it's been warm enough to not wear a warm coat, other days it's been very wintery!

I wanted to write about what it feels like sometimes in life when you don't know what to expect.

Everyone likes to have certainty in their lives. It gives us a sense of stability, we 'know where we are' and we feel safe and secure.

Until one day ,when what was once certain, becomes uncertain...

It's scary, unsettling, upsetting and can be frightening.

It's that feeling of dread and fear of what is going to happen, we no longer 'know where we are' and we no longer feel safe and secure.

This may or may not have happened to you before. It's 'fear of the unknown'

This fear is the cause of anxiety and stress for lots of us.

The unknown is always there. In fact, we only know what has happened to us before, and what is happening to us in the present moment that we are currently in.

Everything else-well, it hasn't happened yet. That is a fact.

Whatever we 'think' might happen, chances are it won't happen in the exact way we think it will.

We can 'imagine' what will happen next, but that's just it. Imagining is what gives us the fear.

As I write, the sun is trying to come out. I'm imagining that it will still be sunny in half an hour.

Will it be? The fact is I don't know.

So I'll stay in the moment and enjoy the sunshine.

Staying in the moment is not easy, it takes practice.

Remember though, storms do not last forever, they stop.

We know that to be a fact.

Whatever storms you are facing, and the uncertainty that they bring, they will stop.

There is help to be found to support you through the storms, if you choose to reach out and take it.




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